Brow Shaping $150 

  • Brow Shaping by The Brow G.O.A.T. using a combination method of waxing and tweezing. Wax is customized based on your skin type for an enjoyable service. All in all, this service includes a consultation, a trim, wax, tweeze, and an optional makeup fill in using Giselle’s soon-to-launch vegan eyebrow products.

Brow Lamination $300 

  • Brow Lamination treatment is like a perm, but for your brows and without the harsh chemicals. It’s meant to straighten the hairs into a desired shape and help tame curly/unruly hairs. Lamination can help by adding thickness and/or creating symmetry. NOT ideal for those with super coarse hair or those with downgrowth. Lasts anywhere between 6-8 weeks. This service includes brow shaping (trim, wax, & tweeze).



(Request to add any of the services listed below to your brow shaping or brow lamination appointment at an additional rate.)

Brow Tinting + $30 

  • Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. Brow tinting gives the appearance of thicker, more accentuated brows with the goal being to match your natural brow color. Lasts up to 2 weeks.

Tweeze ONLY + $15 

  • Our tweeze only option is recommended for clients who use acne medication (Ex: Retinol, Retin-A, Accutane), bleaching creams, have severe skin conditions, or extremely sensitive skin.

Upper Lip Wax + $10 

  • Upper lip and lip line definition.

Silent Appointment 

  • You can expect your stylist to give you the same dedicated, exceptional service and beautiful brows without feeling the need to fill the silence. We offer silent appointments because we understand that not everyone wants to socialize while getting their brows done. Regardless of your reasons, there is no need to explain or feel apologetic. Your comfort is our utmost priority. When booking your appointment, kindly request a silent appointment. In summary, please know we recognize the need for this peaceful time and we want you to know that this option is always here, should you prefer it.